Jamie Mineart

Jamie Mineart, the Chief Integration Officer, is a dynamic individual with a passion for sports that extends beyond her professional role. As an avid lover and player of soccer, Jamie brings her enthusiasm for the game into both her personal and professional life. Armed with an undergraduate degree in Marketing from the University of Central Florida, Jamie is a strategic thinker with a wickedly smart approach to her work. Her journey in sports management continued at Texas A&M, where she pursued a master's degree while actively contributing to the department of recreational and intramural sportsKnown for rolling up her sleeves and diving into the intricacies of integration, she embodies the qualities of a true team player. Beyond the boardroom, Jamie is an amazing aunt, displaying a giving heart that extends to her community. Her love for travel and spending quality time with friends adds a well-rounded dimension to her vibrant personality, making her an indispensable asset both at work and in her personal relationships.