Jennifer Wright, founder of Player2Player LLC and The Player2Player Foundation, had her "a-ha" moment driving through her neighborhood when she noticed a high-school-aged boy, instructing a younger boy on how to shoot a basketball. It made her realize that who better to help young kids learn sports than the older kids who already play them and have been through the same life experiences a few short years ago?! The teen was so confident in his instruction, and the younger kid was mesmerized with the teen’s attention and presence.

The Player2Player Foundation was founded just six short months after Player2Player.

The Player2Player Foundation’s  approach goes beyond the game; we not only train our student-athlete coaches in the dynamics of business but also in the essentials of life – fostering good citizenship and character. By empowering student-athletes with coaching jobs and leadership development curricula, these young adults gain essential communication skills, confidence, and a sense of community, and in turn pass these virtues down to the next generation. At the heart of our mission is the unique approach of educating student-athletes to step into the dual role of coach and mentor for younger kids. The benefits resonate in improved self-esteem, enhanced communication skills, and a lifelong love for sports. The value of The Player2Player Foundation lies not just in the lessons coached but in the enduring impact on young lives, shaping future leaders and responsible citizens through the transformative power of sports mentorship.



  • OWN IT

    • Work it like you own it
      Work hard and push toward results as if your name was right after P2P
    • Your actions reflect on every member of the team
    • Your actions reflect on every member of the team
  • FIO

    • Go with it & ask for forgiveness versus permission.
    • We'll have your back if you have good intentions.

    • Fun & friendly
    • Bring the positive energy
    • Optimism rallies the team
  • NO EGO

    • No one is too good to take out the trash
    • Entitlement and arrogance need not apply
    • Don’t act like your stuff doesn’t stink
    • Hold others accountable in positive, professional way

    • Be forward thinking
    • Focus on growth
    • Deliver
    • Make it happen

    • Have a mission-driven mindset committed to empowering youth through sports
    • Make a difference
    • Be passionate about the business
    • Do the right thing