Hope Hill

Hope, who majored in communications at the University of Tennessee, furthered her education by earning a master's degree in exercise science and physical education. For many years, she dedicated herself to teaching physical education to K-8th grade students. However, she later transitioned her career into the marketing realm when she joined an endurance-based event company located in Portland, Oregon.

Upon relocating to Austin just last year, Hope's enthusiasm grew upon learning about Player2Player (P2P) and The Player2Player Foundation. The role she now holds seamlessly melds her passion for coaching and student development with her love for business and fostering connections. As the Director of Community Development and Engagement at P2P, Hope plays a pivotal role in the company's daily operations. She is passionate about P2PF and their mission to level the playing field. She believes in their mission to bring sport to every community and provide the opportunity for all high schoolers to grow as leaders in their communities.